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 How GPS car tracking systems work.

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How GPS car tracking systems work. Empty
PostSubject: How GPS car tracking systems work.   How GPS car tracking systems work. Icon_minitimeMon Jan 17, 2011 10:20 am

Today, more people are having a GPS tracking system installed in their vehicles. A GPS (Global Positioning System) is a satellite navigation system that obtains the location (latitude and longitude) of a GPS receiver on the earth by utilizing more than 24 global positioning satellites that are orbiting the earth. The satellites are positioned in each of six orbital planes. The GPSis the world's only working satellite-based navigational system.
Each satellite orbiting the planet transmits radio signals which are involved in determining identifying the location, direction, and speed of vehicles equipped with GPS receivers. The radio signals contain the satellite's position and time of transmission of the satellite. The GPS receiver determines its position by evaluating the signals. This is done by using the data of the positions of the transmitting satellites and the signal's travel time When the vehicle is equipped with a GPS vehicle tracking unit and it is integrated with a GPS, the signals from the navigation system helps a drivers find a location. As well, it is able to identify the precise location of the vehicle. GPS tracking systems can display information in real-time and there is a map displayed that will show the current location of the object. The location of the object will normally be recorded at regular time intervals.
The two types of GPS systems used by individual vehicle owners and in GPS Fleet Management includes:
Passive Car Tracking System: The passive car tracking system is a type of vehicle tracking system that provides such information as: mileage, speeds used by the driver, travel plans, and maps. A short-range radio link is the method of data transfer which takes place when the vehicle returns to its point of origin. Users will playback the data in order to view the report.
Active Car Tracking System: The active car system is a type of GPS tracking system provides real-time data transfer and uses internet-based for reporting. Reports can be sent to an email or by fax which will specify the exact location of the car in real-time. This type of car tracking system can even provide alerts on a user's email, cell phone, or fax, to send real-time updates on the car's location. The satellite provides the data to the vendor's website.
GPS vehicle tracking is very valuable to a company, particularly when used in the fleet management of a large number of vehicles. It can help deter car theft, locate a vehicle if a rescue is needed such as a vehicle accident, and track fuel consumption, vehicle speed, and mileage. There is also a button the user can push in the event of an emergency. The vendor will be notified and assistance will be dispatched to the location of the vehicle. Some vehicle tracking systems will even activate a signal if airbags are deployed. A GPS tracking system will provide peace of mind for both individual vehicle owners and a company that has a fleet of vehicles


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How GPS car tracking systems work.
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