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  You Should Have Slain Me

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PostSubject: You Should Have Slain Me     You Should Have Slain Me Icon_minitimeSun Jan 16, 2011 9:00 am

To die you left me
You should have slain me
I stand before you
Now you shall face me
I am the bastard
Of your carousing
I am the true heir
And your undoing

Father your henchmen
And lackeys surround me
Cast not the first stone and you
shall be saved

Lies! You foul wretch!
For I have no heir
(What I do by night
Is my affair!)
From your words It's clear that you're insane
Now! For your life
You must prove your claim

[Servants / Villagers:]
Round the fires the Thralls
Pursue their folly
Prophecies and foolish tales of old
Of an ax the elders tell a story

"When the Ax is freed from hell
A single stroke shall break the spell
When the Ax is free again
A brutal reign shall meet its end"

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You Should Have Slain Me
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