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The origins of Irish collar-and-elbow are not known; according to historian Edward MacLysaght, it was an organized sport as early as the 17th century in which the more prominent of the wrestlers were able to earn a living.[1]
Douglas Hyde tells of a wrestling bout that took place in Connacht in his Amhrain Cuige Connacht ("Gaelic History of the province of Connacht"). A young wrestler known as Laidir (the strong) took up the challenge issued by the champion of the town of Sligo. This man had been living at the expense of the town, as was the custom of the day, and had killed several men in earlier bouts. He was a greatly feared man and not overly loved by the people of Sligo. Odds were ten to one that the challenger would fall. The two met on the public greens in front of the mass of townspeople. Laidir latched onto his opponent and hurled him to the ground, breaking his neck. The astonished crowd, silent with awe for a moment, cheered their new champion. Of course, the new champion had nothing to fear from the law as this was a legal contest with an unfortunate ending.

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